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The natural novelty will please the lovers of the products "Grandmas Krynka" - an unusually light and delicious Greek yoghurt ECO GRECO with a modern palette of flavors. Figs, baked apples, forest berries - everyone will find an option to their liking!


Light and delicate yogurt product with fruit fillings from "Grandmothers Krynka" just melts in your mouth and will certainly taste not only children but also adults!


In the production of ice cream at the enterprise use only natural ingredients, strictly comply with the recipe and technological regime. Before the ice cream "Merry Grandchildren" from "Grandmas Krynka" can not stand neither adults nor children!


There are five species of bifidobacteria inherent in the human body. Has therapeutic and preventive effects in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.


Product is based on the elite collection of bifidobacteria Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology

«Babushkina Krynka» is the leader of the Belarusian dairy industry

Holding "Mogilev dairy company "Babushkina Krynka" is the largest producer of dairy products in Belarus.

To date, production capacity can handle up to 1,700 tons of milk per day.

We see our mission in creating delicious, high-quality, natural dairy products for health and well being of our customers.
  The main products of Holding "Mogilev dairy company "Babushkina Krynka" is: skimmed milk powder, butter, cheese and semi-hard, soft cheeses, milk products: yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, drinking cream, yogurt and heat-treated drinking water; Glazed cheese curd; ice cream; mayonnaise; milk replacer (CMR).

Total company produces more than 300 kinds of products, which are marketed under the brands "
Babushkina Krynka," "Happy Grandchildren" and "Kali weasel" on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.
Products of the company has received many awards at prestigious national and international exhibitions and competitions.
The enterprise introduces modern technologies based on the use of advanced formulations, but it does not violate the fundamental principles - used in the production of only natural ingredients and fillers.